Thursday Painting Classes Begin

                Thursday morning painting classes at my studio* will begin                        September 19 at 9:30 AM. *144 Moody Str, Building 4, Waltham 

Classes last about two 1/2  hours for daytime and two hours for evenings. The cost is $300 for 6 lessons, individual or group; or $60 per class, including drop-in.                 On-site parking and an elevator are available 

To register for the classes or if you have questions, please use the Comments button or write to me at

I mainly teach drawing and painting things: people, landscapes, or still-life as a place to start. I learned how to draw at a young age and believe that except for depicting specific things, the guiding principles for creating realistic art are the same for abstract art.

In learning to paint what you see, combined with what you want to paint, the goal is to find your own voice – that part of you that makes the paintings only you can make. Getting started is the hardest part: most learning occurs by doing, failing, repeat. If it’s fun you will learn to embrace the process as essential and come to believe that sometimes mistakes are our friends. 

This is how I learned to draw and paint and what I teach:

  • how to recognize and organize 2-D shapes on the paper or canvas;
  • how to build 2-D shapes into 3-D forms using shading, then crafting the different forms together into a unit;
  • how to use a variety of tools and materials
  • that learning to draw is learning to see, learning to paint is learning to imagine.

Lessons include the awareness of movements and rhythm within the subject and between the elements, and ways to put that on paper or canvas; basic color principals; how to create space with perspective and by overlapping; creating complex forms by combining simple forms, beginning with simple shapes; and the importance of copying.



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1 Response to Thursday Painting Classes Begin

  1. Jacki Archibald says:

    That’s great Michael, perhaps i can catch up again with you & Rosemary again one day
    Cheers, Jacki Archibald

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