Open Studios 2017

Waltham Mill Artists Open Studios is November 4th & 5th this year, and for this year I will have an assistant, the young and beautiful Iryna Khomenko in my place. Yes, I will be gone but the studio will be open. This will be the second time since I moved to the Waltham studios in 1988 that I will miss Open Studios.

As I have spent most of the past year working on sculpture rather than painting, that is what you’ll see when you come. Sculptures of Don Quixote and more specifically, his horse Rocinante. For the past couple years I’ve been making these using wooden sticks, string, plaster and wire and paper to hold them all together, but lately I’ve become intrigued with building forms using just the sticks and glue, with plaster and spackle.

So come and see for yourself.

Waltham Artist Mills Open Studio, November 4th, 5th, 12-5 PM

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The show goes on @ Gallery Voyeur

The exhibit that Rosemary and I have up in Provincetown right now – “Side By Side” is the title of the show – was originally scheduled to run to Aug 31 but has now been extended through Sept 5.  If you know you’re coming, please let us know* and we’ll be sure to be there, at Gallery Voyeur, 444 Commercial Street, Provincetown.

Michael Wilson's wall at Voyeur

Michael Wilson’s wall at Voyeur (partial view)


The show looks great, as you can see. The red walls came with the gallery, and while I would never have to use that color, our work shows well against it.




Rosemary Broton Boyle in front of "Creme"

Rosemary Broton Boyle in front “Creme”

Michael in front of 444 Commercial St, Ptown

Michael in front of 444 Commercial St, Ptown









*contact us at: 617-851-7945

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We’ve got the show hung

Rosemary and I spent today hanging our show in Provincetown at 444 Commercial Street, site of the Gallery Voyeur, and we’re ready to open tomorrow, Thursday 18th at 11:00. We’ll be there through August 30, so don’t miss it. It looks Fantastic!

IMG_2278 IMG_2280 IMG_2281 IMG_2283

But today was literally just the beginning.  We both have good feeling about this adventure. Please come see the show if you can, we’d love to see you!

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Pop-up show in Provincetown

August 17 – August 31, 2016 will find yours truly and erstwhile companion                 Rosemary Broton Boyle exhibiting at the Gallery Voyeur, 444 Commercial St, Provincetown. There will be a public reception to meet the artists on Friday, August 19 beginning at 6 PM. 

This will mark the return of OZ Gallery, which the two of us ran from 2002-2007.

Each of us will be showing a variety of styles charting the past 9 years, more or less. Rosemary will be bringing abstractions ranging from large scale constructions,

Pinwheel 2

Pinwheel 2  2012  acrylic/oil on canvas 48″x 48″

summer playtime sunbathers, and many smaller, more intimate pieces.

FSA #2

I will be showing paintings and sculpture showcasing my four-year infatuation with the story and legend of Don Quixote,


Blue Byways

King Of The Blue Highway  2016 oil on canvas  24″x18″

Gallant Madman



which in turn led to my own Cubist fictional character studies,

"Dulcinea, from Don Quixote,

A Woman Of Interest     2014, 40’x 30″ acrylic on canvas

a few large Pin-up Girls,

Blonde In A Yellow Sky

Queen Of The Heartland 2010 oil on canvas 72″x 48″

and a train or two.


Future Gone 2010 acrylic on paper 30″x 22″


If you’re planning a trip to Provincetown this summer, our exhibit coincides with Carnival Week, a colorful and flamboyant time including the always entertaining Carnival Parade on Thursday afternoon August 18.

We hope you can come see the show!

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From Colorado


I am currently in Colorado, in my home town, in the house I grew up in, staying with my brother. (His name is Dennis but as a kid he got the nickname Smokey).  If I said  this place, this town, this house are the source of who I am it wouldn’t be completely right, but there is definitely a lot of truth in it.

The Wilson Family, 2013

The Wilson Family, 2013


Storm clouds coming in from the East, 6/23/2015

Storm clouds coming in from the East, 6/23/2015

Below is a new ceramic earthenware, painted first with underglaze, which faded dramatically when it was fired the 2nd time. Much more than the first two. So I took it home and painted it with oil paints. I prefer it over the underglazing.

The Impostor         ceramic painted with oils

The Impostor
ceramic painted with oils

This is a Don Quixote, but not in the “normal,” sense – notice the Dandy-ish hat. This is the Don Quixote who appeared in the illegitimate “Part 2” of Don Quixote of LaMancha, which was not written by Cervantes. After the popular reception of the original book, some scoundrel wrote a sequel pretending that it was written by the original author. Well, Cervantes did write a Part 2, in which Don Quixote meets the  impostor in a tavern and confronts him, forcing him to admit to his fraud.


This  is the drawing that was the basis for the three recent ceramic pieces:

Dandy Drawing, 2015

Dandy Drawing, 2015


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I’m back

Here I am again. It’s been a busy spring and I have not been able to sit down to write. But it’s my job so here goes…

I haven’t left off Don Quixote as a subject, nor have I stopped painting cubistically,

2 at once

although I’ve been told that I am being repetitive, “stuck in a rut,” that it’s “time to move on” and so on. But I don’t see it that way. I have not exhausted the possibilities yet and I keep coming up with new ideas of how to make a new way of presenting this one subject.

ceramic bust1 biscDon Quixote1.3

As an artist I feel required to pursue ideas and images I am compelled to do, regardless of their consequences. In fact I feel it’s an artist’s job to seek out those ideas and images in search of ones that won’t let you go, and to confront them. To wrestle with an image idea, to form it and build it by creating the images that keep coming back; that’s my job. To paint them until I can’t paint them anymore whether it takes three weeks, three months or fifteen years. Then I can move on.


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Don Quixote as Hero?

How much of DQ’s timeless appeal has to do with his

self-appointment as hero?

Hopes and Possessions

Hopes and Possessions

I have recently been considering Don Quixote in his role as “Hero”.  How much of his timeless appeal has to do with his self-appointment as hero?

Nobody asked him to “Save” them or to help them at all. The only ones to agree to his offers of assistance are doing it out of curiosity; to appease him, and to see what this odd person will do if given the chance to do his thing. And of course DQ bungles it every time. A mob of devils are merely a herd of sheep, the nobles, squires and princesses are an inn keeper and his wife and guests and of course monsters are only windmills. And DQ and Sancho get their asses kicked.

In the book, DQ takes on the attitudes and demeanor of a hero. His need to portray himself a romantic knight-errant is too great to be supported by the meager facts of his existence. What he sees as threats are delusions and misinterpretations. His response is rarely appropriate to these perceived threats, usually an outsized pouring of self-righteous anger and violence. His weapons are a joke and his armor and defenses are non-existent.

That is how I depicted DQ, setting his eyes looking in different directions to show his split personality, and giving his horse Rocinante an affable indifference to his circumstances.

Green eyes

Green Portrait (detail)

Welcoming Menace

Welcoming Menace (detail, To Have Lived A Madman and To Have Died Sane)


With his lance at the ready and his shield in place he assumes the stance of hero, but as we know, he’s not good at it. He is anything but threatening and doesn’t even seem able to protect himself, with his arms wide open in a gesture of welcome as opposed to attack mode.

Yet there is something about heroes in all this that I want to put my finger on. (That’s usually how it is with art: first comes the artwork, after which the meanings reveal themselves.) DQ is not a hero to anyone but himself, no matter how much he has convinced himself that that is who he is: self-definition is not the same as self-actualization. The results of his heroic acts show the farce that he is but he can’t see it.

Don Quixote, "Our Invincible Knight"

“Our Invincible Knight” oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″, 2013


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